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    Holly Leamon

    Sweet nice smoke, awesome smell and frosty like ice cream. Definitely something to reorder!

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    Good for the Price

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    floral smell, special taste
    I appreciated and banged well

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    Any Time if the Day!

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    Thought to try something new and sure glad I did. Blue God gives you that easy peaceful feeling without the munchies!

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    This is an amazing African Landrace, 100% Sativa. My go-to for my vape and bake, it gets rid of those groggy cobwebs you get from vaping a nice Indica at 3am. Beautiful strain for morning and afternoon and a great taste to boot. This is one of the best Sativas you’ll ever have.

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    Great value for the cost. Nice daytime smoke for getting things done, smoke a little extra in the evening for couchlock and bed.

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    Gordon Muir

    Excellent hash kick ass hash…a little goes a long way…

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    Justin Toulejour

    Dense bud. Pretty good high

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    David Perna

    I love this sativa I recommend

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