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    Not bad at all, but the buzz does not last long, so am going through it faster than anticipated. Doubt i would buy from this batch again.

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    Manuel Rico

    was surprised when I first open the bag & didnt get hit with the smell, buds look dark & dry but its covered with crystals.

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    Dean G.

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    Well….let’s say there were a few issues regarding my order, initially it took over a week and an email from me to customer service AFTER I had transferred the cash for my order for anything to happen. Next I had to contact customer service again to get a tracking number for the order, (as we all know Canada Post is slower than the second coming of Christ.). Lastly when I received my order there was a mix up, instead of blue cheese I received blue dream. Blue cheese is my absolute favourite and what I was really waiting on! Sigh, despite all this I must say customer service was very nice and very responsive to each issue, fixing things as quick as they could. So because of how cool customer service was and what great product you have I will give another try! Thank you xpressbud !!!

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    Lesley Miskuski

    I wanted OG Kush.. i guess I tapped the wrong one? But, regardless i got this weed. I dont really like it :((

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    Dean G.