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    daniel pelletier

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    Lindros Dixon

    Please double seal the bags make it smell-proof…. The Canada post complained about the smell other then that everything is good!! The budz are huge and fresh

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    Lindros Dixon

    Five star!!

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    Lindros Dixon

    Five star!

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    Lisa Kearsley

    Awesome weed wonderful tasting and good high definitely buy more of this product from here again

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    Lisa Kearsley

    It was good tasting and good quality weed and lots of good huge portions of it too and bud sizes are decent size too

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    Patti A P.

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    Cynthia S.

    There was a small problem with my first order, which was not only quickly resolved, and handled in a professional manner, but they unexpectedly included a note of apology and gifts. I was blown away! Received order in 1 1/2 days, and the product “Trainwreck” was fresh and fragrant and so good. Thanks again for everything, your shopper friendly website, commendable customer service and super product . I highly, highly :)recommend this dispensary and I look forward to future orders

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