Customer Reviews

  1. Mike

    Great taste and high cant ask for more

  2. Mike

  3. Mark M.

  4. Mark M.

  5. Mark M.

  6. Cathy Ireland

    Could not believe the prices and delivery in only a few days! So I am very happy to continue ordering from here.

  7. Cathy Ireland

    Do not normally smoke Indica but wanted a strain to help me relax and unwind at the end of my day. A few puffs is all it takes and I love the blueberry taste.

  8. Cathy Ireland

    This is one of my favorite strains. So glad it is a available here. It always makes me feel very happy and uplifted.

  9. Caley

    Ahhhhh the queen, this amazing and often difficult to find strain gives a permasmile in addition to taking away my severe pain for a decent amount of time. Helps me have a solid sleep at night. A wonderful strain!

  10. Caley

    This difficult to find strain is fun and somewhat gigglesome , takes away pain and gives a nice sleep.

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