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  1. Tammy P.

    Only was a bit disappointed in amount I received. A friend ordered less than me but got double amount of product so I was excited to get and than it arrived and I was like wth. Anyways I will order again though was happy with quality and taste of product..

  2. Tammy P. (verified owner)

    Gave me a good punch for what I need it for.. will get again in future

  3. Chris

  4. Sebastien

    Delivery is quick. I’ve never had issues and it’s the only place I’ll order from.

  5. Kevin S. (verified owner)

    Strong smoke. Trimmed well but some excessive stalk

  6. Kevin S.

    Extremely fast and efficient

  7. Kevin S. (verified owner)

    Good smoke. Not trimmed the best and a some large stalks. Might be the sativa way though

  8. Kevin S.

  9. Marie M. (verified owner)

    Always primo pot

  10. Marie M. (verified owner)

    Loved it

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