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  1. Mike M.

    I have to say im happy with this site. Everything i have ordered has been good. I’ve been satisfied with every purchase.

  2. Mike M.

    Great price. It was my first order. They gave a free 1/8 on my order even tho it was less then 100.

  3. Daryk

    3 day delivery fast!

  4. Daryk

    I was really impressed with the quality for the price

  5. bob

  6. bob

  7. Kevin Smith

    Bought an oz. Extremely well trimmed. Sealed and transported fast. Can’t complain.

  8. S Maley

    Good product first time trying and got more. Thanks for asking would like to see more edibles on your site

  9. S Maley

    Fresh product like the black packaging keeps product safe from sunlight

  10. S Maley

    Fresh good quality

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