Customer Reviews

  1. bob

  2. bob

  3. Kevin Smith

    Bought an oz. Extremely well trimmed. Sealed and transported fast. Can’t complain.

  4. S Maley

    Good product first time trying and got more. Thanks for asking would like to see more edibles on your site

  5. S Maley

    Really like this one BlackBerry is a favorite

  6. S Maley

    Fresh good quality

  7. S Maley

    Fresh product like the black packaging keeps product safe from sunlight

  8. Don O.

    Very good stuff

  9. Shelley

    Great prices, Great product quality, and fast shipping make this one of the best sites for online ordering. I’ve tried alot of companies, and Xpressbud is one of the few jewels out there.

  10. Shelley

    Have to admit, I bought this because of the movie… the next time I buy it though, it will because it’s simply good weed lol.

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