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    Mike M

    This strain lives up to the hype. My only disappointment is I only ordered one gram. Will be ordering more in the future

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    Not bad at all, but the buzz does not last long, so am going through it faster than anticipated. Doubt i would buy from this batch again.

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    I like, it has a relaxing stone and is potent….the bag appeal is there as well. It definitely has the black diamond appearance, and there is a decent amount of crystal. I would and will order it again.Thanks Expressbud! My order arrived promptly third day after placing my order.

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    Omg absolutely amazing!!! Will definitely be ordering again!!!

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    Michael Tran

    Absolutely amazing the price is fantastic keep up the great product Xpressbud awesome service fast best online buying experience highly recommend ???????????

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    Kevin S

    Not frosty but very strong

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    A1 strain

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    Sweet smells so potent makes your mouth water and will lay you right out not recommended for your novice users beware LMFAO ??

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    Amazing first time ever having Rosen wow kickass ?????

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    Top quality product always the best Xpressbud is the one and only for me never disappointed ??????

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